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Zen-promo - how to avoid blocking in Instagram

Zen-promo - how to avoid blocking in Instagram

Zen-promo.com – this is the best website to promote your account in Instagram.

The project has been working for three years (since 2016). Zen has a set of tools that make effective promotion of your account without the ban from Instagram.

What Zen is different from peers

Instagram algorithms often change, so you need to adapt to new requirements. Zen program provides the highest percentage of passing likes (more than 80%). Instagram almost does not notice Zen-promo and does not interfere with its activities. It became possible thanks to the work of Zen programmers who were able to write universal software.

Zen-promo uses complex tools to pay attention to the account as many real users as possible. The program was tested and improved for many years. In the end, a universal automation tool was created.

Zen-promo offers unreal subscribers or likes from bots. The advantage of the program is that contact occurs only with real people. At the same time Instagram is loyal to the activities of Zen-promo and does not prohibit it. This fact is the main advantage of this software.

Principle of operation

Zen-Promo has a soift that performs the functions of:

1. Liking the photos.

2. Leave comments.

3. To do subscription.

Zen-Promo works according to a certain algorithm, which was set by the user in the targeting settings There is a good Analytics in the service, on which you can determine the action of subscribers. Statistics provide the following data:


2. Groups.

4. The interests of the audience.

Intelligent software automatically does this work:

• gets rid of spam;

• in the list of clients eliminates bots;

• unsubscribes users with the given parameters;

• leaves comments under posts.

In the settings of the program formed several review templates, standard proposals. The system will put them in automatic mode.

The price for a subscription

The project has one tariff with different payment periods, including the whole set of tools. The minimum period of license acquisition is 3 days - $ 2.

1. 10 days - $ 5.

2. 30 days – $ 10.

3. 3 months - $ 25.

4. 12 months – $ 80.

Payment is made using the electronic wallet PayPal or credit card. The number of Instagram accounts for one account is not limited.

Getting started with Zen-promo

To get started, you should make an account, add your Instagram feed. If you do not want to pay for a license, you can choose the demo mode. The demo program works exactly like the real one, it will be activated within five days.

In the personal account you will need to download a list of users, specify their logins manually or write down the names of their competitors ' accounts to automatically generate a list.

You can set up a search by hashtag, this tool will allow you to select users who have specified the appropriate tag in their profile. For those who run a local business, there are geotargeting settings that allow you to select a country, region, city and even a single point on the map.

Work with the audience can begin immediately after registration. To do this, you will need to create a sample greeting that will come to subscribers.

In the text it is desirable to tell about the account:

• discounts, promotions, bonuses;

• provide a link to the landing page;

• suggest to subscribe to the mailing list.

If ZenApp is configured correctly, the interaction with Instagram will be performed automatically. If two Android devices and a PC are enabled, the priority will be given to the PC. In that case, if the computer is turned off, all data is transferred automatically to Android.

Where to use the program

The program can be installed on a mobile phone or desktop top device. In the personal account area there are links to the application for your smartphone or tablet. Gadgets work on the operating system iOS, Android. Information is stored in the cloud. To get started, you will need to enter your account username and password.

Account security will increase if you use a proxy server. Using other servers will give you a chance to avoid blocking by Instagram.

You should also add content regularly. The program is allowed to use four weeks after opening an account in Instagram.

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