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Zen-promo hands-on training: A case from a user for a tour agency promotion on Instagram

Zen-promo hands-on training: A case from a user for a tour agency promotion on Instagram

This is a detailed case which will show you how and why Zen-promo.com adopted these services. We respect privacy and that’s why there will be no direct links.  All these explained methods are quite simple and will help the beginners use promotion of their accounts more effectively. After studying the material you can evaluate Zen-promo.com effectiveness with tourists services promotion for free.   


The beginning of “warfare”

Analytics - is the head of everything

Who are our followers

How do we interact with them

Useful things we’ve learned thanks to analytics

A cunning secret

How do we work now

I’ve been working for developing a tour agency for 1,5 years. We’ve got a great website with perfect reputation and a big base of clients. A difficult situation in foreign policy dropped sales in our company. We didn’t want to go with the stream, however we had a strong desire to make a progress and to go forward.


We wanted to “be closer” to our tourists, tried to understand their need and to know before business opponents do, what’s popular among tourists right now to put an effort for creating desirable tourists’ routs. We decided to reduce the amount of suggestions and to concentrate on quality.   

Regular clients started travelling less, so to keep the same level of sales we had to extend our clients’ database. Once I saw a photo of our tourist on Instagram newsfeed. Then some thoughts came to my mind…


Firstly, almost everybody post their photos online and have an active life in social networks and even more people look for the information online before the purchase, also about goods and salesmen. At any case that’s usually 99,99% correct talking about tourists.


Secondly, selling vacation trip it’s an imperceptible product, you can’t touch it or defy the profit for clients right here and right now, however you can always express emotions from trips on your photos. And also the posts on Instagram of happy clients is the best proof that you can trust your money and vacation to us.


It’s been awhile since we registered a profile on Instagram for our tour agency. We had followers, but our posts were not very popular among them. We looked at our profile from a tourist point of view and decided why it happened: The posts had only advertisements of tours with default templates of photos and messages about “last minute travel offers”. Only the last minute travels got some attention. We had a boring and dead account which is unnaturally for a social network.


We took the business seriously.


We came up with a new type of posts - usual photos from travel trips taken on a phone. We take them from our clients, ask from our partners or take photos on our own when we go for a “spy trip. These photos are lifelike and closer to people, because everybody can take them. You only have to go there.


We noticed that the profile looks more eye candy if all posts are made with the same style. We made a template on Photoshop, mader the frame color match the font and the logo. It all made our posts look recognizable in the newsfeed of our follower.


We created a content plan, where we mix useful information about trips, with entertaining posts and “selling” posts according to the graph. It’s important for us to understand that we chose the right way, that’s why we had to analyse every steps and innovations.

The analyses is important for every business. Firstly, to understand how effective it is. Secondly so the heads of the company know how the budget is spent and why the employee has to get paid even if he spends all day surfing social networks. We started testing a few promotion services. As the result we decided to stop with Zen-promo.com, because we got not only useful reports but also additional tools for extending our development strategy.


What and why do you need to track?


The first thing we did was analyzing followers. Zen-promo.com has a special service for that, it’s available for all clients after buying the subscription. Zen-promo analyses shows the followers variance graph and followers according to regions.


We launched advertising campaign, but our boss was pissed off because of spent budget. Thanks to the easy-to-see graph I managed to show the amount of people who joined us and also added the amount of travel trips bought by new clients.


Such detailed reports are available for ever Zen-promo.com client.


And a regular report as a map, where our followers are highlighted with green, helped us realize that almost all gained followers are from our region, it means they are all our potential clients.


Then we started to investigate who our clients are. In the graphs  where we see age to gender ratio percentage, we noticed that we have two big segments.


  1. 23 - 27 years, usually they are active young people, who spend lots of time for entertainment and friends, just married or not married at all. They’ll be interested by group tours, long trails, places for different activities, romantic and wedding trips;
  2. 28 - 35 years, are married people with stable type of life, and usually with little kids. They are interested in new year or summer vacation trips, with higher comfort, well-developed infrastructure and high quality service.     


The most of our followers are women of course. It’s not a surprise that better halfs of the world are more active in social networks. And the situation is completely different in highly specialized publics for men.              


The report shows the growth and the reduction of immersiveness for a month, the total amount of likes and comments, and also daily immersiveness graph, a week or a month. Thanks to that we can analyse the effectiveness of our content-plans.


We’ve been making posts at different time to find out the optimal time for posting then we checked the most popular posts on Zen-promo Analytics. That’s how we found out that it’s better to share travel selling posts in the morning. The audience is more active in this period of time, plus psychology tells us that people are more willing to make decisions in the first part of the day.

We also found out that it’s much better to post entertaining and informative content at midday or in the afternoon. People have time for reading and rethinking. It gives us no sales only indirectly, because we:

  1. Remind about ourselves to people who’s is going to make this exact decision;
  2. We work with critics, we pick the content based on the most popular tourist questions and issues;
  3. We creative a positive image for the company, because if we make a person smile while looking through the newsfeed he’ll be more inclined to accept advertising posts.
  4. We work for reputation, by planning posts in content-plan with useful information, about places where we organized our tours.

Analytics helped us to find potentially popular tours. We made a few new travel destinations and certain posts.  With help of analytics we reduced the list and worked with the most popular offers.


How Zen-promo.com helps people to travel?


Instaspy and hashtag analyses brought us to a whole new level of clients communication. We started analysing their preferences and interests, and based on that managers develop individual offers for tourists.

For example we found out that one of our clients started following italian bloggers, hotels and places, and also liked photos from Italy. We suggested her a tour with a discount, told her about the place and its infrastructure, our manager made a remark about the bar she just started following. Of course she agreed, and we got a few positive reviews from her.


Now studying our clients preferences with help of Instaspy and studying data from analytics service is the standard procedure of the company briefing.    


To make posts with new offers we use hashtags selection, to understand how people actually look up information about vacation. We already picked hashtags for people who likes mounting skiing for those who prefer Eastern trips, surfing and diving, for flamenco fans and etc.


For our company instagram is the source of direct sales and research platform for our clients now. Zen-promo.com helps us:


  1. To analyse the work we’ve done
  2. To look for new clients and get information about regular clients;
  3. To know the latest tendency and to choose the right way of work.


On the website you can wind up the amount of likes and followers on instagram for free. Also you can wind up followers and retwitts on Twitter, online promotion, no need to download any apps.

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