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Zen-promo Pro - more possibilities for Instagram promotion

Zen-promo Pro - more possibilities for Instagram promotion

We’ve developed a new service version for professional Instagram business-accounts promotion. For fast bloggers’ accounts promotion and personal Instagram brand popularization.


On the website, you can wind up the amount of likes and followers on Instagram. You can also wind up fast a number of followers and retweets on Twitter. You do it online and don’t need to download any software.


New features:


  1. Makes TA search easier;
  2. Allows to promote your profile at the peak of TA activity;
  3. Account promotion is fast and safe now!


Keep only useful followers

You can segment your TA by gender now. Set the promotion only by male or female accounts. With help of us you can also promote a clothes store, a beauty salon, a barber shop, a make-up artist profile and so on.


This feature is necessary for profiles with certain male or female category, products and services. It’s also gonna be useful on holidays. For example, it would be great if a store which sells handbags for women would launch a special promotion for male accounts on international women’s day or Valentine’s day.  


Promotion with more possibilities for tuning your options

  1. To work with accounts with certain amount of followers

You can set the range amount of followers for a profile which you are willing to work with. That helps to exclude bloggers accounts, stores with a big amount of followers or empty profiles.

     2) To work with accounts with certain amount of followers

In such way, the promotion will be skipping inactive accounts, which don't follow anybody. You also can skip business accounts not to follow them.


Automatization and planning your work.

In Pro-version you can plan the account promotion in advance. We’ve developed a useful planner with help of which you can set a definite service work time. You can pick a day of the week and the certain time and the service will stop and carry on the process on its own.


To use this feature with maximum efficiency, you should get TA analysis and to define the time of its maximum activity.


You set the limits for likes, comments, and followers only once, and then the service never asks for and works automatically. You set the limits depends on account age and its purpose (personal or business).  We’ve introduced you to basic safety promotion recommendations before.


Fast and simple lists of work

  1. Creative TA

Upload profiles lists, where Zen-promo will make followings, likes and comments.


2) Steal clients from business opponents with help of lists.

You can also work effectively with the lists of your opponents. Upload the list of such accounts to Zen-promo and set the work of the service for new followers of those profiles. That’s how you set the work of the service for the only target audience.


3) Upload hashtags lists


You don’t need to set promotion with hashtags manually anymore. Collect a huge list and get followers quicker. We’ve already said how to get the list of hashtags for promotion here.


4) Get rid off unwanted attention


Attract only your TA. Make a list of opponents’ profiles, not trustworthy or any other accounts you don’t want to work anymore. Upload them to a blacklist and the service won’t work with them.


Advanced promotion security.

With The Pro-version of Zen-promo you can set up your own proxies, to make promotion even safer for Instagram algorithms. As if you work with a completely different device.

You can also set additional breaks. It’s gonna look like “short breaks” imitation of a real person surfing Instagram newsfeed.


How to switch to Zen-promo Pro.

To start using a new version of Zen-promo for professional promotion, you need to click on a window in your personal account, it says “Select a service” and pick an option “Account Promotion pro version”.


After switching to Pro-version and additional account promotion settings Instagram will be more effective and safer. The search and attraction of the target audience will take much less time, unlike using the standard version. All because the deep search by interests and possibility to set work only with active accounts skipping business accounts, business opponents and inactive users with help of flexible options.


In Pro-version time pays off 1.5 times faster and continues paying off when your promotion is paused. It looks expensive only from the first time. On Zen-promo Pro:

  1. You attract your target audience 5 times faster it means your accounts sell with the increase.
  2. Promotion looks extremely genuine.
  3. You always can set the work with max effectiveness with help of additional features.

Moreover, you always can go back to the standard version of Zen-promo.

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