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ZenApp is now availble for Mac OS. Even more likes on Instagram!

ZenApp is now availble for Mac OS. Even more likes on Instagram!

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that Zen-promo team has completed the development and closed beta test of the ZenApp application for Mac OS, which we bet you love!

Application for Mac OS, like its other versions, is just as simple, undemanding to resources and traffic, and most importantly the same effective. We wrote about all its advantages in this article

At the moment, 90% of Zen-promo users who use ZenApp have no problems with blocks of likes and other problems with trust to their accounts from Instagram.

So if you are a Mac or MacBook user, download, install and start using ZenApp to promote your accounts in Zen-promo!

After installing the application, enter the data from your Zen-promo personal cabinet and log in. After successful authorization - restart your current projects in your account and you should see little green icon on the top right corner of your account.

Instructions for installing and running the application on Mac OS:

To get started, you need to go to the ZenApp download section in your Zengram personal cabinet

After that, select the version for MAC OS and start downloading

The file is opened, now is the time to study its contents.

Inside you will see:

- the program itself;

- link to the Applications folder

To install the program on a Mac, you need to move the ZenApp icon to the Applications shortcut and release it. Thus, the program will start copying into the programs!


Do not run the program from the .dmg file itself, as this will not copy the program to the computer.

After copying the program, you can easily extract the image, like a regular flash drive or an external disk, and delete the image file dmg in the trash.

To start the program open the Finder, select the "Applications" section, find the ZenApp in the list, and then, while holding the Control button, click the program icon and in the context menu click "Open"

In the future, the program can be opened with a double click, like any registered program.

Next you need to enter your email (login) and password to enter your Zen-promo personal account and click "Enter"

Now setup and synchronization of the ZenApp application is completed, congratulations!

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