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Instagram purchases statisctics and setting of a targeted advertising
Everything you need to know about Instagram purchases statisctics and setting of a targeted advertising.
How to become a partner and earn Zen-promo on engaging the audience.
Zen-promo service is a platform for promotion of accounts. This software is automated and has excellent algorithms that help to attract the target audience. Many agencies, owners of Insta stores use the service to increase the level of earnings. This is possible thanks to a wide range of tools for work, targeting settings and materials that will help to do everything correctly and quickly.
ZenApp is now availble for Mac OS. Even more likes on Instagram!
Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that Zen-promo team has completed the development and closed beta test of the ZenApp application for Mac OS, which we bet you love! Application for Mac OS, like its other versions, is just as simple, undemanding to resources and traffic, and most importantly the same effective.