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    Why I can’t leave comments, follow, put likes and my Instagram writes that some of my actions are limited?

    May be you have reached the limit of activity on Instagram. You should stop for 12-24 hours and start again.

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    What are the limits for various activities on Instagram?

    You can make up to 1000 likes, 1200 follows or 1400 unfollows, and 300 comments per day. For different accounts, these limits can be different. Especially for new accounts.

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    Is it possible banning after using Zen-promo?

    We are not hiding that there is possible ban for programs that automate activities on Instagram. There clearly spelled out in the Instagram social network user agreement.

    According to our data, likes do not represent any risk to an account, while comments and following are more dangerous, but more effective. So who is banning first? New accounts that registered one or two weeks ago; Empty accounts without any photos; Accounts, which using spam comments like: "Join my account and buy a bag!" or: "Call us now by phone + 7978-161-8764 and order a pizza."

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    Why I can’t follow more than 7500 people?

    This is tough Instagram limit. Upon reaching 7500 follows you need to unfollow them to continue the work. We recommend to use “Unfollow” option.

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    How to add an account?

    Use the button “Add account” on the panel control.

    In some cases, you need to confirm to add an account; where the system will warn you about. You need to go to your Instagram account from your phone and confirm that you just have entered to your profile.

    Rarely when adding an account password resets. Nothing wrong. Just change your password and try again. This can happen only once while adding an account.

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