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    What is "Unfollow" action?

    There is a limit instagram subscriptions, for different accounts this parameter can vary, but in most cases - it's 7,500 followers. "Unfollow" action is needed for a comfortable unfollows from users, when the limit is reached.

    You can also specify what accounts to unfollow from (all or only from those who are not following to you), and enable auto-unfollow function, which hires when you reach the limit followers.

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    How to Get Followers on Instagram?

    To use Zen-promo, of course! Our sophisticated algorithms will seamlessly bring you massive, interested following that is hardly achieved without third-party means or existing audience. Check the FAQ section for details.

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    How many Instagram accounts I can add to my account?

    You can add any quantity of accounts for promotion. But note that balance for each account deducting separately.

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    What "Comments" panel is used for?

    Here you can enter the list of comments that Zen-promo will put, when the action "Comment" is turned on.

    You can choose from branded or/and add your own. The bigger list of comments - the better it is.

    You can enter comments using spintax format. It means, that if you add comment "{Cool|Good|Great} photo!", then, the entered string will become one of these:

    • Cool photo!
    • Good photo!
    • Great photo!

    , when comment will be added to media

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    How to increase balance?

    You can buy packets with neccesary time plans.

    On the control panel are main packets. Another packets with bigger discounts and bigger prices are listed here.

    Time is going down only when button "start" is pressed. When project stopped, time is not coming out.You can return to instagram promotion at your convenience.

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