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Read the detailed instructions for working with Zen-promo service

Zen-promo is a service that promotes your Instagram-account with the help of various automatic actions towards other followers on behalf of your account (likes, unfollows, comments) according to your settings and filters. People, who are interested in feedback, respond with following your page, liking and commenting.

You will get a balance of 7 days immediately after registration. Almost all the features of the service will be available for you during that period.

You need to make some easy steps in order to start promoting your account:

1. Check in your personal account on 2. Add and start your Instagram account. 3. Set up the promotion and targeting.

How many accounts can I add? How is the fee charged?

You pay for the time, in which the service fulfills the tasks. While the work of service with account is paused (for example, at night), the balance doesn’t decrease. You can add an unlimited number of accounts. You will pay for each of them separately. For example, if two accounts have worked at the same time for two hours, you will pay for four hours, etc. During the test period you pay for the time, regardless of whether the accounts are working.

Learn more about allocating and debiting the balance

Secure access and solutions to common errors

Zen-promo respects the official limits of the Instagram for the number of actions for any settings. We recommend setting the speed of actions according to age and fullness of the account and previous promotion experience. To make the promotion in the Instagram even easier and more efficient, check out our recommendations and solutions to common errors.

Here you can see the description of other functions of the service: