Adding a new Instagram account.

First of all you need to add your profile to our service, for that we use the button "add account". We don't store your Instagram’s data, so it is absolutely safe. For successful work we strongly recommend you to use the real Instagram accounts:

  • Put a profile picture
  • Add not less than 5 photos. Otherwise Instagram can take you as a bot.
  • Regularly add new photos.
  • Watch over your photos, they must be in line the Instagram politics.

Use of the time

  • Each user can use three free days for testing Zen-promo. During this time you will be able to see how the growth of your followers increases. And to evaluate their quality.
  • The general time is writing off for work of all connected Instagram accounts (further - projects). For example, if you connect two projects and start them, so three test days at the control panel will be spent in 1,5 days
  • You can buy time directly at the control panel, using the main packages. Also you can get time at the page of price where all packages and your bonuses can reach 60%! If you have a big number of projects and you want to receive special conditions, contact us.

How to set the Instagram project.

  • Use the button “Settings” for opening the Instagram project's settings. By default all settings are made optimally. You just need to choose the city, where you want to draw attention to your account.
  • You can choose actions which Zen-promo will do instead of you in the tab “actions”. “To put likes” - means that Zen-promo will like the found photos. Choose “To comment” - and Zen-promo will leave comments. “To follow” - and Zen-promo will follow the found instagrammers. “To unfollow” - Zen-promo will unfollow all or only those who doesn't follow you
  • You can choose one or several cities in the first tab of settings. You just need to type the first letters of the city, and the system will offer you the cities on your choice.
  • In the tab of “comments” there are comments which Zen-promo will put down in the photo of instagrammers. By default we’ve added for you some successful comments in the spintax format. Each of them has several hundreds of comments versions. You can leave them or write your own as usual.
  • You can write, for example, "cool photo" or use the spintax format. So the text {cool|excellent} {photo|photograph} will mean 4 comments at once: cool photo, excellent photo, cool photograph and excellent photograph. Try to use not less than 20 different comments for the successful work.
  • Additional important requirements for the comments:
  • The total length of the comment shouldn't be more than 300 signs.
  • You shouldn't use more than 4 hashtags in one comment.
  • The comment shouldn't contain more than 1 url address.
  • The comment shouldn't consist only of CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Comments must be as different as possible.

Start of the project

  • Use the button "start/stop" to start the Instagram project.
  • At the control panel you can stop or start all projects at once.