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Answers to frequently asked questions about the promotion on Zen-promo

Is it safe to use Zen-promo?

Zen-promo respects the official limits of the Instagram for the number of actions for any settings. We recommend setting the speed of the action according to the age, the fullness of the account and the previous promotion experience. To ensure that the promotion in the Instagram was even easier and more effective, read our recommendations:

  • Start the promotion of new accounts at a slow rate, periodically putting Zen-promo on pause.
  • Increase the speed of actions as you fill out the account. For successful promotion fill your account with unique and interesting photos, communicate with subscribers in the comments.
  • Connect social networks to your Instagram account. Connection to a live, and actively used Facebook profile particularly well affects the image of the account. After all, it is this social network that owns Instagram and makes it very important to link accounts to live profiles.
  • You can manage your account at any time if you have a valid e-mail address and phone connected to it. For each Instagram profile, you must use your number and your e-mail.

How to recover the password from the Zen-promo account?

To recover the password, click the "Forgot password" link on the login form.

After that, enter the e-mail address you used when registering with Zen-promo and click the "Send" button.

Instructions for restoring access will be sent to the e-mail specified at the time of registration in Zen-promo.

If you do not remember the data from your e-mail or you have registered an invalid e-mail, ask for the restoration of access to the private account in technical support at [email protected] for manual password recovery.

Common Errors

An «i» icon appears on the «Run» button

Hover your mouse over the icon , or click on it, if you work on the service using your phone or tablet. A message will appear on the screen, indicating the reason for stopping the account:

  1. «It is necessary to undergo verification». This is the standard security measure used by the Instagram service. To pass verification (confirmation), go to your account on the Instagram service, and perform the actions according to the displayed instruction. This will confirm that your account is not compromised. After that, start the work in the Zen-promo personal account..
  2. «Incorrect password». If you made a mistake while adding an account, or changed the password, use the «Change password» button below the account image, and enter the current data.
  3. «There are no points for work. You must configure the distribution geography». You need to go to your account settings, and in the «Targeting» section, specify the city where the service will be run, or choose a different type of targeting.

The message «Action is on a pause» has appeared

Do not worry. This is the standard situation while the service is running. Sometimes the Instagram limits the actions of accounts to avoid overloading your server. During the specified time the service will not perform this action, so as not to provoke the Instagram for a longer restriction. This is function makes your account more secure.

After removing the restriction, the account activity will continue automatically.

«Unfollows» are started. Time is written off, but there is no action.

To start working on unfollows, the service needs to prepare a list of your follows, analyze it, and set up your work in accordance with your settings. It takes some time.

After the list is created, the service will automatically start working.
You must note, that the unfollows are made from the oldest follows to newer ones.

«Follows and likes» are started, but there is no action.

To start working on follows, the service needs to set up its work in accordance with the settings you have chosen. This takes some time.

After the list is created, the service will automatically start working.

«Unfollows» automatically switch to «Follows» and «Likes»

If the service automatically switches from unfollows to other actions, it means that you have the option «Autounfollows» switched on.

If this feature is enabled, Zen-promo will automatically launch unfollows, when the follow limit is reached. Just after that it will return to unfollows and likes.

Go into your account settings and uncheck the box next to the name of the option «Autounfollows». In the future, the service will stop its work, after completing work on unfollows.

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