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Adding an Instagram account to Zen-promo

Adding an Instagram account to Zen-promo's personal page

Adding an account to Zen-promo is an important step in the promotion of your account in Instagram.

Use the button «Add Instagram account» on the main page of the personal cabinet.
You will see a window for entering data from your account in Instagram after that.
You need to enter the name of your account in Instagram and the valid password from the account, and then click the «Add» button in this window.

There are some possible options after that:

  1. Adding an account to your personal account on Zen-promo

    The account will be successfully added to your personal account and the service will automatically start working with it. Zen-promo will analyze your geo-position and will start interacting with the help of your likes and subscriptions with followers around you. You can change the promotion settings for your account at any time in the settings menu.
  2. Request to input verification code

    Instagram can send the verification code to the e-mail address you provided when registered your account or by using sms to a phone number for security reasons.
    We pay your attention to the fact that there is nothing terrible or dangerous in this action. This is the standard measure that Instagram uses. And we fully support it since the security of your account is primarily for us. To continue the work you need to choose one of the convenient ways of confirmation, after which Instagram will send you a letter with the code. The resulting code will need to be entered in the window that appears on the screen.
    The account will be added after the code is entered. The service will automatically start working with it.
    Attention! Lately we have noticed that the code from Instagram can come to you with a delay or not come at all.
    If this happens, click on the «Did not receive the code» button, after which you can request the code again or choose another location where Instagram will be sent to you.
  3. Dropping your account password

    Sometimes Instagram resets the password from the account in Instagram for security purposes.
    This is also nothing terrifying and dangerous. This is the standard procedure for securing the account in Instagram.
    If this happens, you will see a message stating that the username and password are not suitable for the account.
    Attention! First of all, make sure that you entered a valid login and password and did not make an error while entering data.

    If there is no error, Instagram will send you an e-mail with a link to reset your password.
    After clicking on the link you will need to enter a new password and press the confirmation button.
    After that, you will need to change the password in your account.

After that, the account will be available for use. And the service will automatically start working with it.

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