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Guide to Zen-Promo

Zen-Promo Account Setup

Connecting Instagram account

After starting a trial period and signing in to Zen-Promo, the Instagram Log-in window will appear. Enter your Instagram username and password to connect the account. Later, you can connect more Instagram accounts to the same Zen-Promo user profile.

The entered data is not disclosed to our team or third parties and is managed solely by the Instagram authentication system. This data is not stored beyond the period necessary for the log-in operation.

Note: You need to disable Instagram's two-factor authentication before connecting your account.


The verification process confirms whether the identification information has been entered by the account owner or not.

For security purposes, Instagram may send a verification code to your email address or phone by text. You will also receive a verification notice to your email address from our team.

In some cases, users are required to confirm ownership of the account multiple times - for the initial login as well as during the use of the Zen-Promo service. By doing so, Instagram prevents users from using bots and unauthorized information.

You may be required to do the following:

  1. Multiple verifications: the verification process may take from 3 to 8 times to be successfully completed,

  2. Resetting Password: Instagram may ask you to change your password as it’ll suspect unusual activity and try to protect the account from it. Zen-Promo uses a new IP address for your account, making it seem like someone has gained unauthorized access. However, all Zen-Promo activity is completely safe for your account.

    Note: If you change your Instagram account password, you need to do the same in Zen-Promo. To do so, go to the Settings and then tap on the Gear icon (see image below).

  3. Selfie Verification: Instagram may ask you to upload a video selfie (a verification method when a person is asked to turn their heads in different directions) to confirm that you are a real person. Instagram doesn’t use facial recognition in video selfies and therefore does not store these videos.

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