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Guide to Zen-Promo

Pricing and Subscription

Zen-Promo offers various subscription plans designed to meet the needs of different categories of users. Users get started with Zen-Promo with a trial period. After the trial period ends, users get subscribed automatically to a 30-day plan. You can cancel the subscription by tapping on the countdown next to the Menu bar at the top of the screen and follow the further instructions.

Received electronic credit card information is encrypted and secured. The transactions are handled in compliance with 12 PCI Data Security Standards requirements established in collaboration between the major payment brands (Mastercard, Visa and others).


Trial period

After successfully signing in to Zen-Promo, you can use the service for 3 days for $1 USD with full access to all features. After the period ends, you will be subscribed automatically to the standard 30-day plan.

Standart plan

The subscription allows users to get full access to custom boosting features for 30 days. The subscription is auto-renewable.

On the Pricing page in the Menu bar you can choose one of the following subscription periods:

  1. 30 days (default),
  2. 60 days,
  3. 90 days,
  4. 180 days,
  5. 365 days.
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