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Distribution and cancellation of the balance of Zen-promo

How many accounts can I connect to my Zen-promo account? How the balance is charging of?

The number of accounts that can be added to the service is unlimited. However, it should be noted that the time is charging of for each working account separately.

This means that if you have 1 account, then 1 hour from your balance will be written off for 1 hour of real time. If you have 2 accounts, then for the same real-time hour, you will be charged 2 hours from the balance. For suspended accounts, as well as accounts that are paused, the balance is not written off. During the test period, time is written off regardless of whether the accounts are working.

Also we draw your attention to the fact that we regularly hold promotions and special offers, during which you can get bonus hours on your balance.

In order not to miss them - follow the news of the service in the blog, as well as mailings by e-mail.

What to do, if the balance of time has not accured

In most cases the delay before crediting the balance to the Zen-promo account does not exceed 5 minutes after payment.

However, if more than 5 minutes have elapsed, and the time has not yet been calculated, write to us through the feedback form of the website.

You must specify next information in the letter:

  • What payment system you used for payment;
  • The exact time when payment was made;
  • Attach (if possible) a screenshot at the time of paying off the money;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about promotion on Zen-promo;

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