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Guide to Zen-Promo

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program allows users and CPA specialists to get rewarded for recommending our service to others. Become our partner to get 20% of the payments made by users signing in to Zen-Promo using your affiliate link. Our partners get personal accounts with affiliate dashboards to track the revenue received from the program.

To join our partnership program go to our Partnership page, read the terms and conditions and choose an affiliate program:

  1. One-tier program: earn 20% of all sales made through your referral link. We will share with you the % of the actual income that we get ourselves!
  2. Three-tier program:
    get 15% of each payment made by user A via your link,
    get 10% of each payment made by user B via link from user A,
    get 5% of each payment made via link from user B.

How to join the Affiliate program?

  • Sign up for our affiliate program,
  • Get a referral link,
  • Connect your digital wallet,
  • Post a referral link on your blog/website/social media account and start earning.

To get more details contact our team via [email protected].

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