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Features of Zen-promo PRO-version

In order to transfer the progress of your account to the PRO-version, you need to click the corresponding button in your account.

Please note that the transition to the PRO-mode for each account is carried out individually.

In order to see all the new features and settings of the PRO-mode that you will be available, go to the «Settings».

You are in the booth of the PRO-version settings.

Let's list those functions and settings that will become available to you:
  • Likes:

    Several likes for the each account.
    Zen-promo likes 2-4 photos of each account. will interact directly with several publications from one follower, thereby increasing interest to your account.

  • Follows

    Black list.
    You can enter those accounts that Zen-promo should not subscribe to In the black list. It can be competitors or your enemies, which the system will miss.

  • Unfollows.

    White list
    You can make a list of users from whom Zen-promo should not unsubscribe with the help of this function. It can be your most loyal customers or friends for example. The list can be edited at any time.

    You can also make that Zen-promo will unfollow only those followers which he follows, bypassing those followers that you had before registering with the service.

New features on the «Targeting» panel

Search by the account`s list
You will be able to interact with followers from the list of accounts, which you can collect yourself and download by clicking on the «Add list» button.

Work schedule
Now you can decide when your account is advancing based on the analysis of your audience's activity by yourself or if you want to do the maximum number of actions.

In order to set up a work schedule you need:
  1. 1. Mark the vertical days of the week for which Zen-promo will promote your account;
  2. 2. Mark horizontally the hours in which Zen-promo will leave the likes, comments and follows.

You can also choose all days of the week and hours, if you want the account to be promoted around the clock.

Pauses and limits

You can determine in advance which maximum number of likes, follows, comments and unfollows Zen-promo will be performed per day, as well as set pauses between actions and pauses in the course of work to simulate real user behavior.

We strongly recommend you to use these opportunities as accurately as possible. Before you set any values, check the existing limits of the Instagram and read the recommendations on the profile portals devoted to the promotion in the Instagram.

Criteria for searching

To narrow the targeting of your target audience in the PRO-mode, you can specify a variety of search criteria:
  • Gender
    Zen-promo can only subscribe to male accounts or only to female accounts. Just switch on the appropriate buttons.
  • Number of follows and followers of account
    By setting the minimum number of subscriptions, you exclude users who are reluctant to follow others in the Instagram. By setting the maximum number of subscriptions, you will avoid accounts that use automatic promote services and are created for commercial purposes.
  • Rejection accounts
    1. Skip commercial accounts. Disable work with commercial accounts, if you do not want Zen-promo to follow, like and comment on photos of shops, beauty salons and other establishments.
    2. Skip all except commercial accounts. Enable only commercial accounts if they are your target audience.
    3. Skip private accounts. Enable this option and Zen-promo will only interact with open accounts.
    4. Skip accounts whose publications are older than... You can weed out inactive followers who are less likely to pay attention to you.

Work through a personal proxy

If you wish to work through your own proxy, enter the login information in the proxy connection window.

Features of the write-off of the balance in the PRO-mode

In the PRO-version of Zen-promo there are special conditions for writing down the time. 1 hour from your balance will be written off in 40 minutes of real time.

At the same time for each account time is written off separately. If you work in the PRO-mode with 2 account, then 1 hour will be written off in 20 minutes of real time.

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