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Set up the promotion and targeting

Click on the «Settings in your account» on Zen-promo in order to go to the settings for promoting your account.

You are in the promotion settings section.

You can choose how to interact with other followers.

You can use the following steps to attract followers' attention to your account:

  • Following. If this option is enabled, Zen-promo will follow accounts that match the search criteria.

  • Liking. If this option is enabled, Zen-promo will like the accounts to the appropriate search criteria.

    When setting up the likes, you will use these functions:

    "Mutual likes" - If you get like, Zen-promo will also like one of the latest photos of this follower;

    "Like own followers" - Zen-promo will like new photos of your followers;

    "Like comments" - If likes are not avaliable - Zen-promo likes a comment of the targeted account;

    "Like comments of your followers" - If your follower leaves a comment under your media, Zen-promo will like this comment;

    "Like only comments" - Zen-promo will like only comments;

  • Comments. If this option is enabled, Zen-promo will leave comments for accounts that match the search criteria. The list and texts of comments can be entered and edited. This function will be available for you after seven days of working Zen-promo account.

  • Unfollowing. If this feature is enabled, Zen-promo will unfollow the accounts you are following now. This function is not intended to attract followers' attention. It is made in order to make room for new followings, after reaching the Instagram limit of 7500 followings.

    When this option is enabled, you can use these functions:

    "Keep mutual" - Zen-promo will unfollow only accounts that unfollow your page;

    "Autounfollows" - This function includes automatically unfollowing when the limit of following in Instagram reaches 7500 pages.

    We draw your attention to the fact that during the functioning of unfollowing, the interaction with other functions is unavailable.

    However, you can combine the functions of followings, likes and comments and work with them simultaneously.

Customize the Targeting panel

In this section you can choose how Zen-promo will search for accounts for interaction.

Search by cities

When working on cities, Zen-promo will search followers for geotagging in the selected cities or regions.

You just need to enter the first letters of the city, and the system will offer you the city to choose from. You can choose one or several cities, and also choose a job by region.

You can also activate the option to search for followers by geotagging by clicking on «Use geotags».

You can increase or decrease the area to collect followers by changing the size of the «blue zone» on the map. Due to this you can target the residents of a certain district or even one house.

Here you can also include in-depth search of geotagging by keywords.

With advanced search, you can collect additional geotags or customize narrow targeting by users visiting specific locations.

Search by hashtags

When working on a hashtag, Zen-promo will search for followers who are interested in posts with the hashtags you selected. To do this, you need to enter the hashtags you need (without the # character) for processing.

Search by accounts

When working on accounts, Zen-promo will search for users among followers of selected accounts. Activate this option and enter accounts (without the @ symbol). After that Zen-promo will build a list of these users and start interacting with followers of these accounts.

If you need to reset the settings, click the «Reset Settings».

After setting up the settings, be sure to click the «Save Settings» button and make sure that the account is started. All other services will be done by yourself.

If you need to delete an account from the system and add it again, or add it to another Zen-promo account, click on the «Delete account» button.

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