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Giveaway: benefit, harm and relevance

Giveaway: benefit, harm and relevance

28 Oct 2020

Many Instagram bloggers have raised their audience on gives. For some, he seems to be a magic "pill for all ills": bought sponsorship and sit, get subscribers. But is everything really so rosy, and the funds will pay off with interest?

What are Gives?

Give (#giveaway) is a unique giveaway format for Instagram to quickly attract subscribers. It is usually held by a blogger with a large number of subscribers or another media personality. Sponsors invest in gifts that will be raffled off, and thus connect themselves to the give. All participants need to subscribe to them if they want to win. That's the whole secret of a large increase in people.

This is how the gives played by popular personalities work. There are even less widespread and large-scale ones — for example, thematic ones. Also, giveaways may not include sponsors if they are held, for example, by whole companies.

How to become a giveaway sponsor?

Recruitment takes place in closed chats, and you can get there only by invitation. If you do not have such an invitation or acquaintances who could drag you into this business, then you can try to contact the managers of popular bloggers who often arrange gives. Perhaps, through negotiations with them, you will still be able to take part and will be added to a secret chat, where all the conditions are stipulated.

#giveaway - is it worth it?

There are several problems with this scheme. Some are obvious, some are not. But first, it is worth noting the indisputable advantages that this action gives.

Prices per subscriber average 0.03$, which is actually very cheap. You can't buy cheaper subscribers if it's not about bots. In addition, this method really gives an increase very quickly - it is really possible to catch a profit in a couple of weeks, and this does not require active participation.

And now about the cons, which seem to be more significant.

Giveaway sponsorship can turn into a raid of bots and spammers, as well as very rapid replies immediately after the end of the drawing. Be prepared for the fact that at least half will fly off, and those that remain will not bring you much activity. For a considerable amount of money invested in this event, you will not get your audience, and even less your customers.

Sharp drops in statistics will be marked by Instagram algorithms, and this will hardly have a good effect on your progress within the platform. After all, if so many people quickly unsubscribed from the profile, then what's the point of putting it up the feed?

Thematic gives work better in this regard - the price per subscriber rises, but there is a much greater chance that he will stay with you for a long time. The person who comes for the prize will be interested in content of this kind. And he will not come for an abstract iPhone or a car. True, you have to tinker for a long time to find those who want to arrange a thematic show — they are held infrequently, since they do not always pay off.

We should also mention the contingent of sponsors for some individuals. Sometimes very dubious profiles become participants - info-businessmen, fortune-tellers, creators of financial pyramids. 


Giveaways don't work the way we all would like. At first, the offer seems very profitable, but at the end you only get money wasted. Participation in the giveaway will not solve your marketing problems, and will not cancel all the costs of SMM. The best solution is not to ruin your reputation and rely on fast subscriber growth without any effort.

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