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Hair bloggers on Instagram and their secret of success

Hair bloggers on Instagram and their secret of success

28 Oct 2020 Other

Do you love doing hair so much that you are ready to maintain a separate account for your work? And this, by the way, is quite popular content. Continuing the theme of "beauty and health", which is appreciated by the entire female half of Instagram, we can say with confidence that fashionable haircuts are not the last in popularity.

Why is it popular

Obviously, some of the Instagram users come there for inspiration. They need something that could give a creative impulse, ideas for self-realization. Hairstyling is a great way to completely change your impression of yourself. No wonder they say that between makeup and styling, you should always choose styling.

The main criterion for subscribers is diversity. Carbon-copy works do not set you up for inspiration, even if they are very, very beautiful. Any color, any length and texture are used. Weaving braids is still relevant, and useful tips and life hacks for daily hairstyles cause a strong positive reaction.

Top hair bloggers


Everyone who is interested in hairstyles and styling has definitely heard about this famous blogger. She dispels myths about hair care in an interesting way, doing a survey among subscribers, and also gives practical advice and talks about her experience of taming indomitable curls. And, of course, there are many interesting hairstyles and innovative solutions, both for an important event and for every day!


Sherry did almost everything with her hair: she straightened it, twisted it with different techniques, braided it, dyed it ... And all this - on camera, for subscribers who want to repeat such experiments. But there is no doubt that she copes with what she loves perfectly, and each new photo or post looks more and more spectacular.


Sophie is a big fan of experiments and bright colors. Ideal for those who are tired of natural shades and want something unusual in their look. Beautiful images are diluted with the processes of preparation for them. Hair is perhaps not the most important part of her content, but a lot of attention is paid to it. They look especially good when paired with makeup tutorials.


Think that men are not destined to mess with curls? Myth! And this guy proves that with proper care, a man can grow a beautiful head of hair. Despite the fact that he sold his soul to music, taking care of other people's hair brings pleasure to the young man. Tang openly shares how to care for such a beauty in stories and on the YT channel.


One of the most important faces of hair blogging. Star hairdresser, owner of two (!) Brands of hair care products. Very successful, by the way. The simple tips and tutorials she publishes can be trusted.

Bloggers who know how to make chic hair out of shaggy hair are worshiped by half of Instagram. As well as makeup artists, manicurists and other figures in the field of beauty. Learn to make dreams come true from those who have made a career out of it.

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