Instagram business card (Nametags): how to use and why you need it

Instagram business card (Nametags): how to use and why you need it

02 Apr 2020

We all have been using QR codes for a long time, and for anyone the graphic key is not some kind of curiosity from the new world. This is perhaps the only way to share the link in offline space - no one will manually enter the link in the search bar, especially if it is long.

How it works

It works on the same principle as a regular graphic key: you need to bring an instagram camera with a scanner, and the application will automatically open the page of the author of the business card.

The scanner is located here in the search tab:

How to make your own

Go to your profile and select nametag in the side menu.

There are three types of design that are switched by pressing the very top button: gradient, selfie and emoji. Each can be switched by clicking on a free area. This is especially interesting for the last option, where you can experiment for a long time! There is a mood for any profile.

As you can see, everyone can get a business card, not just business accounts and authors.

Where to use

Posters, banners, magazines, books, ordinary business cards - yes on any printed material. A business card can be printed and hanged in your institution or office, distributed as flyers, inserted into presentations, printed on the packaging of your product. In general, there are a lot of options, and all of them relate more to offline events. This is much more practical than writing just a nickname that you still need to drive yourself into the search bar.

Although the business card is intended more for offline, you can use it in other social networks. If, for example, you need to place a link in the picture, and not in the text. However, in a regular post or post, it will also be an interesting and unusual addition!

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