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Stories Highlights — How to make and use permanent stories

Stories Highlights — How to make and use permanent stories

Stories Highlights — How to make and use permanent stories


Instagram has been updated again, this time there was no need to look up for an update, it’s all written in the official instagram blog. Stories Highlights — what is it, how to use it and why?   

This time it’s offered to attach your previously posted stories in the profile, it means the idea of one day content fades away, but we are used to finding profit everywhere. So let’s find out what kind of fruit is Stories Highlights, how to attach them and use this new functionality in business.

” Stories Highlights – is a new part of your profile and a new content format


The main idea is that you can gather your stories in collections and attach them to your account. To put it more bluntly it’s a Stories album where you can gather special moments which help users to realize who you are and what’s going on with your account.


Here how it looks

You could only find stories after 24 hours in business-profile statistics, and only those which were posted not longer than 2 weeks ago. Now your stories are saved not just on your phone, but you also have a permanent access to them in your account. All stories in one place.

Where stores are saved

Along with Special stories, there is also Archive. Now you can find your stories in feed even after they have ended, to publish them again in any moment or to make some kind of album out of them and to attach the selection in your profile.

To see all of your stories go to Archive, there are two sections here: Stories and Posts

How to make Stories Highlights

In order to make new albums from stories, you’ve gotta have stories Archive first. You’ll find about that thanks to that notification from Instagram.

By the way, this notification doesn’t guarantee anything but has lots of promises =) In spite of the fact that the new functionality was presented officially, not everybody can create selections from stories yet. For example in one of the profiles, there is already an archive, but you can’t create Stories Highlights yet.

Moreover, your Stories Highlights is not visible in the account if this function is not available for your account. It means to view Stories Highlights from other profiles can only those who have this feature enabled.

So then there are a few ways to make your Special story and to attach it to your profile.

You can only make Stories collections from those stories, which were published after the update.

The first way

To make your first story, you need to publish a story in your profile, then to click to view it. You’ll see a new icon “Highlight” and also a notification with a suggestion to use this new feature.

Click “highlight” then set a name for your album and choose a template.

Click “add”, at first Instagram will notify that everything was successful and show where you can see your first Highlighted story.

Now you can show off your Stories Highlights.

The second way

After you’ve created the first album in Stories you can create Stories Highlights with help of one more way in the profile itself.

Later you’ll have to type a title and to set a template.

The third way


You can add Highlighted stories from archive to the Relevant section. To do that go to the archive, choose a story you need, click to play it and then click “highlight”.

How to delete Stories Highlights

To delete one of the albums you need to go to the profile and click and hold on the selection you need. Then a window will pop up, where you can whether delete or edit the album in the Relevant section.  

How to edit permanent stories?

  1. You can add or delete stories from the selection. For example, you can add it to the selection which already existed, right after it’s published.

The same way you can add stories from Archive to your already created albums.

  1. Also, you can edit Highlighted stories right from your profile:

 Choose the one you need click and hold it;

 Click “edit”.

Here you can edit the name and a template of an album, to delete stories from the selection or to add a new one from Archive. You can’t swap stories, for now, they are organized chronologically.

The way Stories Highlights look

At first, you see the name of the selection, and then the album starts playing. You can switch between stories, like in regular stories.

Practical use of Stories Highlights

  1. Content rubricator

By topic, by an event, by places and etc. You can arrange entertaining stories and the one which help you sell. People who are interested in your goods and services will find the content they need at once. In one selection you can add the whole rubricator by hashtags for more convenient navigation in the profile.

For bloggers it will be useful to have selections with different topics: you can gather all stories from one trip or an event or arrange them by main spheres of the account, for example, trips, psychology, motivation and etc.

  1. The list of goods

You can create selections with promotion offers or to use hashtags for creating topics and follow the described above scheme. Also selections with hot new things will be popular, users will find new deliveries in no time.

  1. A story about yourself

Is one of the ways to motivate a new visitor to start following you. Group a few stories with a story about yourself, make a selection-story about your account and etc. Also, the Highlight section can be used as the replica of “About us” page on a website.   

  1. Relevant promos

If you always create some special offers for followers, there is no better place for it than this.

  1. Problems solving for users

Short life hacks “How to order”, “how to choose”, “how to use”, to help a user with a delivery, choice or with the way you use your product. You can also include short master classes here for gathering users.

  1. Price list

Do you have a limited range of services or do you sell just one product? Publish prices in Highlights, make life easier for everybody.

  1. Ads

If you are a blogger, then you’ve thought about that at once) How much do you think is gonna cost to place ads in Highlights in bloggers’ accounts and will it be effective?

And the last thing…

When you will be using Permanent stories tell your followers about this feature because they might not even know about it. You should show and teach them.

Publish announcements about posted Stories Heights in your regular Stories or in posts. This type of content can help you to train accustom followers to regularly check your account and to track updates in Relevant section. Isn’t that beautiful for systematic promotion on Instagram? As minimum, such Instagram users are gonna get more posts of yours in their newsfeed.     

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