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We solved the problem with likes caused by a new Instagram algorithms! Are you with us?

We solved the problem with likes caused by a new Instagram algorithms! Are you with us?

25 Oct 2017

We are glad  to help you in promotion of your Instagram accounts every day, and to please you, we are constantly working to improve the functionality of Zen-promo.

Unfortunately, for a long time we could not affect the block of the likes caused by a new Instagram algorithms that all promotion services encountered lately. But we did not stop and sorted out hundred of options, but the universal solution, which would work for everyone, was not there. But it finally happened!

What we did with the fact that Instagram blocks the likes

We are the first among all services to come up with an application for PC and smartphones, work through which looks for social network security systems as naturally and organically as possible, Instagram as a result is calm and loyal, and all likes are delivered!

We suggest you to be the first and try the new beta-version of the application developed by Zen-promo team - ZenApp. It solves current problems with the likes, helps to avoid current restrictions and prevents possible problems in the future.

How it works

You configure the work in Zen-promo through one of two (or multiple) versions of the application. Nothing complicated, you do not need to do anything manually, everything is automated and cloudy, as always.

If you work through the application, then Instagram will think that all actions are performed from your smartphone or PC, while the work is still doing automatically from our cloud servers.

Applications developed by Zen-promo will act as a bridge between our service for promotion and the Instagram servers.

Applications have a simple interface and don’t contain not a single line of code that can excessively consume memory, traffic or battery power.

What should be done

Click the "Download" button and you would be transferred to the section, which would contain links for downloading the application to Android and PC, as well as their detailed technical description.

Run the application, enter the login information from your personal cabinet in Zen-promo (email and password). This is the same data that you use to enter your personal account.

After successful authorization, the form will disappear and the application will immediately start working in the background. You will see its icon in the tray.

If you entered the wrong data, you would see the appropriate error message.

Next step, you still need to configure and run the work on account in your personl cabinet on the Zen-promo website. As the result - interaction with Instagram will pass through your Internet connection, ensuring maximum naturalness of actions.

Is it safe?

The Zen-promo team guarantees  you the absence of any malicious code in the applications, as they were tested by the largest and most frequently used antivirus software. We promise you the full safety of your data and devices.

Why did we do this

We want to achieve the most complete and safe emulation of actions from your accounts in Instagram. Due to recent changes in Instagram algorithms, we set ourselves the main task to ensure the safety of operations made by the service and a permanent opportunity to use all functions of Zen-promo.

What are the results

In more than 80% of cases, the number of negative reactions from Instagram decreased after the application was installed and the work was started through it. We recorded that the number of checkpoints and confirmation requests significantly decreased, which means that we achieved a loyal attitude from  Instagram to the accounts that are being promoted through our service.

Thanks to the use of the application and the compliance of the Instagram limits, you should work stably with the likes and all other functions with which you could have faced some problems  lately. In the future, ZenApp will protect you  against other possible changes in the algorithms of the Instagram.

What we ask from you:

Quite a bit of feedback to improve the performance of the application.

After you use the application for 24 hours, we ask you to provide us with feedback in written form about your experience of using the applications on the mail support@zenpromo.com.

We hope that you will appreciate the result of our work and your promotion in Instagram will become even more effective and successful!


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