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Instagram API News

Instagram API News

28 Apr 2018 Instagram news

Lately, Instagram has come up with numerous updates. Let’s take a look at some news coming from this social network.

Lately, Instagram has come up with numerous updates. Let’s take a look at some news coming from this social network.

Chronological Feed Returns?

Instagram’ s chronological feed in its previous form will never come back. Instagram decided to change the smart presentation of posts. Before, the news feed was updated by itself. Now, this will occur only whenever the user will want it to happen. To achieve the goal, the developers are going to integrate the New Posts button. So you will hardly see publications older than 5 days.

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Downloading All Videos and Photos

Downloading All Videos and Photos

Rather soon, Instagram will launch a feature similar to Facebook’s ‘Download Your Data. Users will be enabled to download copies of their content that they have previously shared in this social network.

Due to this new feature, ‘moving’ to other services without any personal data loss will be a much easier process.

Instagram’s management was compelled to implement this function to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. The latter has to come into effect very soon - on May 25, 2018. Those who dare disobey the law, will have to pay the fine, which can amount up to 20,000,000 euro.

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A New Feature – Focus

A New Feature – Focus

Again and again, Instagram makes its users happy with innovations. Lately, a new feature has been introduced. It was called Focus. With it, you can make pictures and videos in a portrait mode. The background will be fuzzy in this case.

To take use of Focus, you have to open camera on your phone. The new mode is just under the shooting button.

Downloading Personal Content

Everyone registered with Instagram will soon have a good chance to enjoy another useful feature. This time, this will be data back-up. Now, users will be able to download, fast and hassle-free, the content stored on remote servers. However, it remains unknown for the moment how exactly this mechanism will be implemented by the developers.

The access to back-up copies of personal data files on a smartphone or PC may involve multiple options for interacting with Instagram. First, it is necessary to implement the access to photos and videos posted on the social network under the personal profile. Second, this feature can also affect Stories and communication chats.

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Consequences of API Lock

Consequences of API Lock

Without any prior notice, Instagram decided to impose restrictions on accessing its API for most third-party applications. As a result, the latter had to stop their operation.

Before, owners of small services used to perform up to 5,000 different actions hourly. March 30 became their ‘black day’ as the number of requests plummeted to as little as 200.

Initially, everyone supposed it was just a kind of failure. Later, however, a confirmation appeared stating that new restrictions had been implemented. Interestingly, Instagram’s management has made no comments yet on the subject to make the situation clear.

Naturally, owners of third-party services expressed their protests against it. Almost each and every of them claimed that, if informed beforehand, they could avoid any related problems.

This lock did not affect the services which are official Instagram partners. For example, users still can promote their accounts on Zengram without any implications. The access to Tooligram and Instalex was not restricted as well. Due to these services, you will not go to spam.

Introduction of Media Rating Council Certification

Along with Facebook, Instagram has passed MRC certification and auditing. Now, the accreditation has been extended to cover ad views on both traditional and mobile websites, or in smartphone applications.

Its consent to undergo an independent audit Instagram’s management gave in the end of 2017.

Duplication of Feed Posts in Stories

Early April, the social media’s press office announced that news feed posts now will be automatically duplicated in Stories in a full-screen mode. The feature will work for uploaded photos or videos shorter than 15 seconds.

If a user duplicates their feed posts in Stories, the system will match the number of pixels and choose a background. This kind of approach will help display posts correctly.

 Instagram Has Been Disabled in Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram Has Been Disabled in Windows 10 Mobile

A far back as last year, the Microsoft corporation acknowledged that smartphones running on its OS totally failed. The developers decided to create no further updates for their Windows 10 Mobile. Owners of major applications did the same. For example, the WhatsApp messenger presented no updates since more than 90 days. If any failure with the application will occur, nobody will even try to resolve the problem.

April 16 was not a happy day for those who run Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile. This social network’s client just disappeared from official stores. Now, the application will not be upgraded any more, while new users cannot download the software on their devices.

Instagram developers say they do not want to go on spending their resources and time on new updates for Windows. The app’s owners see the only way out, namely buying a phone with another operation system.

Instagram Does Not Work with Apple Watch

The Instagram management refused to support their smart watch. As a result, this social network will now be available on Mac, iPad and iPhone only.

The application will totally disappear very soon. The last update came on April 2, and no new ones would be offered any more.

What is the reason? According to the press office, the application was not popular among smart watch users. So the management sees no sense in spending money on any further updates.

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Giphy Ads are Here Again

Giphy Ads are Here Again

Everyone probably remembers the Instagram-related scandal that was provoked by the app’s partnership with the Giphy service. For those who don’t, here is a brief story: by accident, users came across Giphy ads with racist content. Instagram was assaulted with thousands of complaints.

As a result, all animated stickers disappeared. The public did not approve this kind of approach too. Early April, the Giphy company made public apologies to everyone. The stickers returned. The Instagram press office assured the company would apply more severe check procedures to the Giphy ads.

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Tag Scanning

Tag Scanning

The feature of proceeding to personal pages of users by means of scanning personal hash tags of the latter is being tested now. Due to this innovation, searching for popular profiles will be much easier. This would result in higher activity and enhanced efficient promotion opportunities.

Personal hash tags are just small banners similar to QR-codes. Snapchat uses them to enable instant transfer to selected pages. Instagram, in its turn, is going to provide their users with a capability to design fancier link banners. Along with a nickname, it will be possible to pin smileys and stickers on them.

Expectedly, a chance to come up with personal tags should be interesting to businesses in the first place. They will place banners with links to their Instagram profiles both in public zones and on the products they offer. For example, restaurant owners can place a tag on their menu, while shoe sellers – on their product labels.

Meanwhile, this feature remains unavailable for most users.

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