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Guide to Zen-Promo

AutoDirect is another useful feature of Zen-promo

You can configure the automatic sending of messages into direct to your new followers.

To enable the new feature, go to your page, start promotion of the account (if it was disabled in your account) and click "Turn on" on the taskbar.

You are in the settings menu for auto-sending messages in Direct.

  1. 1. Select whether messages will be sent to all subscribers or set their preferences.
  2. 2. Put a filter on the number of followers, outgoing unfollows and posts, to cut off bots and massfollowers.
  3. 3. Choose your account language so you do not spend limited time on foreigners who accidentally entered your account.

The next step is to create messages for sending.

What to write?

  1. 1. Send a greeting to the person and let him know that you noticed him. Even if there are no discounts and shares, attention is always pleasant.
  2. 2. Introduce yourself, tell more about yourself and your account. You may already have some traditions and rules. Enter the follower in the course of the matter. He will remember you better and it`s more likely for not to flipping the post in the tape.
  3. 3. Discounts, promotions, special offers, terms of the order, whatever.

Follow the technical requirements and safety measures:

  • To send messages to new followers in Instagram, you need to create several templates so that you are not accused of spamming. Here you can create up to 20 templates, each follower will receive only one message.
  • The maximum message size is 500 symbols.
  • If more than 50 people per day subscribe to your account, we recommend you to configure the subscriber filter for the first few days so that the service will not send more than 50 messages.
  • We do not recommend exceeding the limit of 200 messages per day.

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